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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LIFE WITH YOU an italo disco masterpiece

I'm posting this again because I'm adding the instrumental.  It's just as eerie and italo disco magic as the vocal version.
From the intro. which is clearly inspired by Trans Europe Express to every moody italo disco beat The Expansives Life With You, Leader Records Italy 1982 is just the type of dance record that I give ten's across the board.  So sublime it's impossible for me to listen to it only once but on repeat over and over again.

Anybody with a copy knows that they are sitting on gold, just like Sensitive's Driving the collectors never give up on trying to track this one down.
Francesco Rago has been part of a few of my favorite italo disco acts including lectric workers, cariocas, atelier folie, message from future and Wanexa.  His partner GianLuigi Farina was in the same acts and even had a solo 12 inch with Sailing in a dreamboat listed as Sola Farina which was released in 1984.

Life With You
Life With You instrumental


Mary Werth said...

Nice layout and interesting info. Thanks

ExpatMichael said...

Thanks Mary.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all your Italo posts; they're much appreciated. (Any chance of a re-up for the Life With You instrumental?) All the best...

Michael Vinyl said...

Sure I'm not sure why that happened.