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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Columbus Circle If you read my mind

Paradise Garage classic If you read my Mind by Columbus Circle, was actually a one man does all act.  His name is Scott Yahney and weren't the crowds shocked when they discovered he was a white man!  Nevertheless the record went on to become a boogie favorite a nice mesh of the Synth Pop sound popular at the time mixed with the ass shakeable disco that was still proving influential and well-loved in many a club.

I am providing this post by permission of his brother the illustrious DJ Jeff Yahney.  Here he is pictured with industry legends DJ Jay Negron and Andrew Klein.

There was even a special unreleased mix done by Scott himself.  The label at the time insisted it be mixed by a famous DJ remixer and they brought in Tee Scott of Better Days and Zanzibar.  

It proved to be a Billboard Dance Chart hit shooting all the way up to #10 in 1982.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks Michael,
I have a promo copy of the12" from 1982 and still love this tune.
Played it quite a bit back then in the clubs I DJ'd in in Dayton Ohio....