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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Computer (in my mind) AGO

Ago had a string of italo disco releases.  Computer from 1986 was one of the later ones.  
I personally would have called this song If you really wanna see the show or Come to the future.
The first Agostino Presta release from 1982 is still the best.  I love the whole album.
I won't forget this record because I sold it back when I was first starting on Ebay.  I wanted to get a lot for it and I knew I would so I put it's starting price at $24.99 just in case it did poorly but like a distracted numskull I wrote it in the buy it now column.  Wouldn't you know that record wasn't even up for 5 minutes!

What a laugh, Ago re-did Fancy's Chinese Eyes but look what a mess they did with the record cover!
Speaking of Fancy's Chinese Eyes how much did I love that song?  Almost as much as Come Inside.  Weren't they a double A side?  At least on the U.S. pressing, they were actually a German act.  In any case, it was a song that really didn't need a re-make particularly one so totally similar.

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