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Friday, April 19, 2013

Michele and Chantal Curtis are the same disco diva

Tunisian singer Chantal Sitruk had a big disco hit with Get Another Love in 1979 on Key Records.  But an earlier project on West End in 1977 I loved even more.  What's interesting about this 4 song e.p. is that there is no filler.  Every song is great.   Michele l.p. including Masters at Work edit  And I'm not the only one who loved it, it peaked at #3 on the American Disco Charts in November 1977.
Apparently Michele lived a fast life and got hooked on drugs and spent some time in jail.  So that kind of explains why there is so little output in her discography.
As expected Tom Moulton's mixing is topnotch.  The 1978 remix of Disco Dance by Patrick Cowley is an expensive collectible.  ENJOY THE REMIX
Chantal was tragically murdered in Israel in 1985 by a bullet intended for Philipe, her drug-dealing boyfriend. 

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