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Monday, December 19, 2016

Our Darkness and Heaven by Anne Clark gets under your skin

Anne Clark came up out of the new wave scene.  She had a very particular way of singing.  You could almost call it talking.  In fact she was a poetess who transitioned into music.  From 1982 up until even recently she has quite an extensive amount of releases.

I have refreshed this blog post from a few years back because I've added some mixes and a few live performances of my favorite Anne Clark songs inclined Our Darkness and Sleeper in Metropolis.  The older links below still work too.

Anne Live and More

The razormaid mix of Our Darkness is astonishing.  It was a huge WBMX alterna dance smash.  A truly influential record with the synth pop sound on steroids.  A personal favorite of mine.  It has long been one of the most played tunes in my home.  HEAVEN RAZORMAID REMIX
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DJ Rock Strongo said...

Found your blog today - and what a find!!! Thanks for sharing all your stories and the great music. Will be coming back for more!