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Thursday, December 8, 2016


My two favorite Atlantic Starr songs are the mushy ballad Always and Circles. Circles is one of those songs that for me define pure perfection. When I hear it I feel rushes and ripples of pleasure. I would not change one thing about it from the beginning to the end. I love the vocals. The lyrics turn me and I can relate to them and it's very danceable even though originally there was no hyped extended remix of it.  The album version is great just the way it was made.

1982 holds a special place in my heart because it signifies the year that I got out from under my parent's clutches. I became a club monster in no time!


Circles, goin round in circles

Circles, goin round in circles

You're taking too much time

To make up your mind

Either you love me or you don't

And all the other girls

In your crazy mixed up world

You said you'd drop them

But you know you won't

sometimes I think about forgetting you

But it's so, so hard to make that choice

Cuz boy with you

I go to to seventh heaven

Just by the sound of your voice

Circles, goin' round in circles

Circles, goin' round in circles

Out a my head

That's where I'm going

Tryin so hard to deal with you

It's not so easy try'n to bare these changes

That you're puttin' me thru

In my head there's a ball of confusion

And I can't figure out just what to do

I guess my life will keep on going round and round

Until I get away from you

This is a blog post from six years.  I've simply refreshed the link.  Thanks to my readers for keeping this blog alive.

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