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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A TASTE OF HONEY weren't one hit wonders

A Taste of Honey had a short blast of success.  It included the massive #1 pop hit debut single Boogie Oogie Oogie in 1978 and the lovely Japancentric ballad Sukiyaki a #3 hit in 1981 (both hitting #1 on the R&B charts).

The quirky thing about the grammy winning group was that they were all female, after 1980.  And these females played the instruments and wrote the songs.  You go girls!

 The group's first single, "Boogie Oogie Oogie," was inspired by an unresponsive audience during a date at a military base; Johnson believed the crowd was chauvinistic toward the group's two female guitar players. The notorious bass solo intro came about when Johnson was warming up before the recording session, unaware that she was being recorded. The single sold more than two million copies and topped Billboard's charts for three weeks in fall 1978. The follow-up single, the slinky and funky "Do It Good," went to number 13 R&B and number 79 pop, and A Taste of Honey went platinum.

My favorite Taste of Honey song is Rescue Me from their third album in 1980.  It didn't chart in pop or disco but was a #16 R&B hit.  It's their most collectible maxi single since it was only available as a PROMO.  My late friend Greg Womack knew how much I loved it so he made me a great edit.  I'm including it in my Taste of Honey zip with a couple other songs.

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