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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Rose Laurens, more than just AMERICAN LOVE, or take me to the Night Sky

Another older blog post with freshened download links, the third time I add to this one and re-post for your pleasure.
zip o Rose
Rose Podwojny (name of art Laurens) had her first single release in 1977 with

Je T'Aime...Dis Moi Je T'Aime.   

She broke out in 1982 with the single Africa which became a Top 5 hit in a few European nations.  Africa hit #1 in Austria for two consecutive weeks.  In France it went platinum with sales totaling over 1,000,000 copies.

For a bit of chart trivia the song that was #1 in Austria before Africa was Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield and the song that topped the chart after was Sunshine Reggae by Laid Back.

I just sold my copy on Ebay recently.  


It's entertaining, but the Rose I love are her morning music hits Night Sky and American Love.

Rose is not really Italo Disco sort of Euro Dance goes Morning Music.  But her impact on the Fire Island/Saint scene is notable.

I only wish I had been able to see her in one of her many appearances at The Saint.

A little bit of Rose trivia, did you know she sang the original french version of I dreamed a dream?  The song from the Broadway show Les Mis that later made Susan Boyle a household name.  It even made Anne Hathaway win an Oscar.

Rose Laurens has provided me with many hours of listening pleasure but I'd have to admit that most American don't even know who she is.  Not that this should matter.  Maybe this blog will bring her to the ears of a few appreciative new listeners.

Though this remake by Astaire doesn't hold a candle to the original I thought I'd throw it in anyway.

I will say that in general Astaire was a solid Hi Nrg group, I particularly liked the song Love Trap.


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