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Sunday, August 13, 2017


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State of Grace was a low key British trio that put out a few hot records and then sort of disappeared.

David Inglesfield had previously been a drummer in a new wave band. Pat Thomas was attending the London College of Fashion and was a mate of David's sister. Adrian Thomas was the other lead vocalist.

Their first release Walking the Rhythm was a flop but their follow-up was 1982's That's When We'll be Free became a Paradise Garage classic and was also heavily spun by Tony Humphries and David Mancuso shooting all the way up to #16 on the Billboard Disco Chart. It was licensed all over the world and found some success.
That's When Edit

But to me their gem is their third single Touching the Time released on PRT records U.K.. "Oom pow pow ba um pa dum pow pow pow" yeah it sounds corny when you try to write it but just listen to how fierce it sounds. These cats can sing and the instrumentation is primo. To me it simply sounds classy. This is another track which epitomizes what's called Modern Soul and the bidders on Ebay go crazy for this one. I've seen it shoot over $200.00 many times. This is one of those songs that when I'm in the mood I will just put on replay and listen to 20x in a row and gets chills up my spine every time.

Touching the Times and Hello Wintertime

Their last single Hello Wintertime was released in 1984 and though not a bad song sort of went a bit too pop for my tastes. It doesn't have the impact of the two singles before it and it doesn't surprise me that they parted ways after it was released. Though it easily could have been a smash, it wasn't. So the record company had by then lost interest in them as none of their releases ever made much money. They never even got to release a full l.p.

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