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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Space Bass

Fat Larry's Band was backed by these righteous ladies who called themselves Slick.  One of whom, Brandi Wells later even had some solo success.

The label it came out on Fantasy/WMOT was a small independent out of Philadelphia that was actually a front for a drug dealing dentist.  A book was written about it called Doctor Dealer.

Doctor Dealer

Things got out of hand for the label as a front when one of their songs Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith became a huge hit.

But back to Slick.  They only had 2 disco hits Space Bass and Sexy Cream.  In my opinion Space Bass is hands down better.

And it also stands up today probably due to the fact that it was never played out at the time in 1979.  We are talking zero pop crossover success and zero played outedness.
In the zip I even threw in a couple of recent edits.  They can't match the original but  I'm not hating on them.

This has to be one of those songs that if I ever heard in a club I'd be wanting to do handstands and cartwheels and as I danced my soul and spirit would be flying and I'd be thanking the disco gods for such sheer fortune.  What's the chances of that happening with a song released in 2017?

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