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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Somebody by Video (George Aaron)

George Aaron (Giorgio Alighieri) first appeared on the italo disco scene at the age of 20.  He went on to sell over 10 million records worldwide.  His debut single was called She's a Devil.  He recorded not only under his pseudonym but also as Video and Victor Ark.

He was a perfect example of how italo disco male stars had to be handsome.  It was a package they were promoting.  In the end even though songs were sung in English not even good pronunciation was important.  This fact made the genre often snubbed in the States.  It was also often snubbed in Italy itself as Italians are highly drawn to all things international.  A look at their hit parade and usually most of the names are foreign.  George explains  in an interview in the book Italo Disco Story by Francesco Catoldo Verrina that 62% of the world architectural and artistic treasures are found in Italy.  But even treasures like Pompei were left to fall apart and many museums are closed on Sundays.  Italians don't know how to give true values and respect to their treasures.  Why should they care about their music?

George's record company tried to get him to participate in the San Remo festival but he refused.  In any case he preferred to record in English anyway and to compete at San Remo you must sing in Italian.

George Aaron under the moniker Cruz
Evanescent Version (Just for You) George Zip

Interestingly the Alighieri family of Parma is ob nobility and was a relative of the Emperor Carlo who ruled italy in 1521.  Luckily his family was supportive of his desire to sing.  Though he had a degree in Psychology.

He was first a member of the group Monopolio in 1981.  They are trendy around the Veneto region of Vicenza.  Giorgio also provided vocals for some of the songs by Firefly.  I refreshed the links in a blog about Firefly just a few weeks ago.  Firefly

Somebody (Hey Girl) by Video originally was released in 1983 on Fly Music Records Italy.

Unlike most Italo Disco records the next year it was licensed to Sleeping Bag and became a real Fun House classic.

Morales and Munzibai did a remix.  And suddenly Dyan Buckelew's name also went on the label.

George Aaron tours to this day and has even released new material in the italo disco vein in the past few years.

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