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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gary Langan remixer, audio engineer extraordinaire ABSOLUTE (version) Scritti Politti

British audio engineer and record producer Gary Langan is most responsible for the majesty of this remix.  This version of the Scritti Politti classic Absolute called (version) is the definitive one.  The sound is crisp and simply a synth eruption.  ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL

It's not often on Disco Vinyl that I choose to honor a person that is not the artist but in the case of Gary Langan it's not exactly the case.  He was after all a member of the seminal synthy alternative dance band The Art of Noise.  There are quite a few Art of Noise gems that are also worth honoring in a big way.

The double A side of Close (to the edit) with it's remarkable video and Beat Box come to mind first.  There were many others.  There were even a few I didn't like at all, to be honest.

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