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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rarest Ru Paul record SEX FREAK

Years before Supermodel work!  Ru Paul was recording for the Pop Tarts label FunTone U.S.A.  This ep called Sex Freak is Ru's most coveted and hard to find release.  It was 1985 and the track even enabled her to perform at The Saint and CBGB's among other places.  But it wasn't Ru's moment.  She had to slum it on Michael Alig's club kid scene in New York for a few more years before her career broke open wide.

I remember Ru performing so often at Larry Tee's Love Machine on Tuesdays at The Underground in Union Square that we didn't even watch the stage anymore.  It was like "Oh it's Ru again, whatever."  And then very soon after she broke nationally and everyone was on her tail.  There was the vh1 talk show and appearances in the Brady Bunch films in addition to performances acting out of drag.  Seemed like Ru held the world in the palm of her hands and then it all slowed down.  Was Ru going to become a has been?

Ru Paul's Drag Race on Logo T.V. resurrected her career in a big way.  She had continued to record dance oriented tunes but to a limited audience.  Now she had the perfect forum to promote herself and in return all the other talented drag queens in America who were lucky enough to be asked to compete on the popular t.v. show.

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