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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ANY LOVE Rufus & Chaka Khan


The most coveted Chaka Khan 12" is the U.S. white label promo of Any Love released as Rufus & Chaka in 1979 on MCA Records. In the U.K. a commercial release for this 12" was once available and is therefore less interesting to collectors.

The album version is from Master Jam which also includes Do You Love What You Feel and some other solid tracks. Do You Love What You Feel holds a special place in my memory because it was the first 12" I sold on Ebay, six years ago this August. I remember being disappointed that it didn't do that well. But at the time I didn't realize that August is the worst month to sell and the best month to buy on Ebay. Furthermore is the fact that having feedback counts a lot, so my coming out right off with tons of great things all at once but not having a shred of feedback hurt me.

But this blog is not only about my Ebay store now is it?

I'm featuring a little comparison here between the original Promo 12" of Any Love and Turkish D.J. Dmitri of Paris' super capable edit. Which clocks in at 5:27 a bit longer then the l.p. version but still shorter then the original Promo 12".

Dmitri from Paris is probably the most important d.j. in the world for helping to fuel the mania for great disco. Especially the obscure kind. His compilation from 2000 Disco Forever is a classic in the genre. Featuring such gems as Brainstorm's disco holy grail We're on our Way Home, Chameleon by La Pregunta, Universal Robot Bands Barely Breaking Even, and Pat Lundy's Work Song to name a few. There is also one of his edits the Salsoul classic Just as Long as I've Got You by Love Committee.

Dmitri's edits are not to be missed because he respects disco. He is able to make improvements on originals without feeling the need to house it up or adapt it to the sounds of today. He schools his audience. Now if that isn't reason alone to give the man props, I don't know what is.


ilovedisco said...

Hi, Do you know how I can establish whether the 1979/80 UK commercial release was issued with blue MCA labels and played at 33RPM?
I have the 45RPM black MCA label version, but am not sure it was also released with blue labels. It seems unusual for a UK 12" of the time to play at 33RPM??
I am trying to clarify the releases on Discogs.
Thanks for any info.

Michael Vinyl said...

I don't know anything about this. I also use discogs when I have this type of question.