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Friday, October 10, 2014

Gary's Gang weren't really just one hit wonders

Queen's N.Y. based, Gary's Gang sprang on to the scene at the end of 1978 with the single Keep on Dancin' an all out disco ditty with some super happy accents on the xylophone tip.

They continued to chart dance up until 1983 without ever really having an impact on the pop charts.
Let's LoveDance Tonight was apparently a real Paradise Garage favorite.  Though it didn't get anywhere near as well known as Keep on Dancin' which even had some R&B chart success.

The later songs were a bit more on the Hi NRG tip and were spun regularly at clubs like The Saint.
One called Makin' Music I discovered on a tape of a night at The Saint as spun by I think Shaun Buchannan.  It caught my ear quickly and I just had to know who it was.  

The band went through a few cast changes but the drumming and vocals of Gary Turnier remained a constant.

Sam Records actually released a compilation that had new edits on it.  I thought most of them were lousy.  But I wanted there to be variety in the zip so enjoy there are 12 items in it.  

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