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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Go Go Gorilla

This is the kind of song that is the reason why I blog.  Six minutes and 40 seconds of upbeat joy!

And the fantastic thing about this Italo Disco record is that it's not even Italian.  Gazuzu were a Dutch group who also had some cool releases as X-Ray Connection.  Go Go Gorilla is one of the songs that is so inspired by other songs that sometimes you practically think you're listening to something else.  You close your eyes for a minute and you get transported there.  O.K. I'll tell you if it doesn't come to you quickly it's One for You, One for Me by La Bionda which also happens to be in my last blog.


It features chants, deep masculine gorilla groan like vocals, bad language, and to top it all off a refrain where the female singers just keeps repeating "kill me, kill me."

This is actually their second release, the year before in 1982 they released Drums on Fire.  In 1987 Chicago house superstar Mickey Oliver also did a remix of it.  Many of the early house acts were extremely influenced by Italo Disco and WBMX in Chicago played a lot of it.

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