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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Let's all Chant in Eyes of Laura Mars

I was only 14 when Eyes of Laura Mars came out and I was blown away by it.  Especially with the photoshoot scenes.  It was certainly unlike anything I'd seen before.  And the use of Michael Zager Bands, Let's all Chant in this scene above particularly.  I was crazy about that record.

The soundtrack for the movie was great too.  There was a particularly strong theme song by Barbra Streisand called Prisoner: Love Theme from The Eyes of Laura Mars that was not one of her biggest hits but a great tune all the same.  It also featured Native New Yorker and Shake Your Booty two huge disco records at the time.

Let's all Chant is on the soundtrack album for The Last Days of Disco and has been used in many commercials and a few films.  Many dance records have sampled it.


Another fun fact about Let's all Chant is that there were 2 version one which went "Ooh-ah, Ooh-ah Let's all chant," and another that went "Ah-ah, eh-eh, let's all chant"  I was really only familiar with the first version at first cause that was the one on the single edit and the one which got all the radio play in New York City. The song is unique because it features both vocal hooks and a classical chamber music break in the middle.  It's nowhere near as bubble-gummy as it may seem at first.

The single actually went to number #1 on the U.S. disco chart, and broke the U.S. Top 40.  It had the notable fortune of having been the song to knock Cerrone's, Supernature out of the top spot.  In the U.K. Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy it even made the Top 10.  Belgium giving it its best showing with three weeks at #2.  It went on to sell 5 million copies, 700,000 copies in the U.S. alone.

In 1988 Gazuzu released Chant for You (Chant for Me) which features elements of Let's all Chant and La Bionda One for You, One for Me and Pat and Mick did a Hi Nrg cover which hit #11 on the U.K. pop charts.

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