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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paul Thomas is the Man...Circle City Band

Indianapolis singer songwriter Paul Thomas took advantage of a gospel labels expansion into r and b and brought three great singles to Circle City Records as the Circle City Band. Each was picked up later by Becket Records too. For me they are the epitome of quality modern soul, funk, boogie. The best parts of disco being brought to the next level and into the freshly started 80's.

Magic the first single from 1983 was hot indeed, so hot that BET (Black Entertainment Television) chose it as it's theme song.

Back when Ebay bidders had more money to shell out this 12" often shot up well above $100.00 especially for the Promo on Circle City Band records. Now it gets about half that amount.
"That MAGIC from the sparkle in your eyes makes me realize, I know that you're the only one for me.
The true devotion from the feeling in your heart, means we'll never part, you know that I'm the only one you need.
That MAGIC from the sparkle in your eyes makes me realize I know that you're the only one for me.

Hot baby. Hot baby. Girl you're makin' me hot baby. ALRIGHT!"

The follow-up from 1984 My Place is funkier and features vocoder which I personally have a deep weakness for. As do many a collector of Boogie and Electro. The lyrics are fun but not nearly as catchy and smart as Magic. 

The 3rd single Party Lights (shake your body get loose) is probably my least favorite of the three. It is clearly more Electro and vocoder Funk in that Newcleus, Aleem kinda way. There is some very tasty sax work though. Paul Thomas also seems to channel his inner falsetto as he varies the pitch in his vocals on this track more then he had with the previous two. The chipmunky sounding retort "shake your body get loose" reminds me a lot of the Newcleus "wicky wicky wicky" which was very Electro hot in the same period.

I'd rate all three songs growers. They take repeated listens to really appreciate and personally I think all three kick some major ass!


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Thank you so much brother Michael for the love! "Believe in Magic" and stand by for The New Circle City Band release "Be Real" coming soon!