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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roy Thode D.J. Mix Sets Studio 54, Saint, Ice Palace D.J. Extraordinaire

I am a huge Roy Thode fan.  He was a fantastic DJ but a troubled man.  To think that he committed suicide during the prime of his career fills me with sadness.  Here in dedication to him some of his mixes are presented for you to enjoy.

He spun at The Flamingo, Studio 54 and The Ice Palace but he made his real mark at The Saint which was then still a relatively new club but quickly establishing it's legendary status in New York nightclubbing.

The first release to bear his name is ironically also the first to bear Larry Levan's name.  It's the 12 inch release of C is for Cookie on Sesame Street Records.  Both master DJ's took a stab on the song and both did a marvelous job.

Though he didn't have a huge studio output a few of tracks he did were among my favorites of the disco era including his delightful take on Poussez! Come on and Do it from 1979.

I blogged it a couple years back here in Disco Vinyl so if you go up to the search function above you can get to it in all it's glory. It's in .wav so don't miss out, or click just after this period.  POUSSEZ! HERE TO HEAR  BEN LIEBRANDS UPDATE ON IT  DISCONET REMIX  EROTIC MIX
That right there is almost 900 MB of Roy's mixing.  This includes the legendary Land of Make Believe party and other sets from The Saint.  This also includes a mix from March 15, 1981.

This next link below includes Summer 1981 at The Ice Palace Cherry Grove, Fire Island and a mix from December 5, 1981 at The Saint.
On the 21st of May 1982 he committed suicide.


kosmikino said...

I've been listening to the Ray Thode mixes a lot while I have been out and about and just imagining how amazing it must have been to have been there at the time!

I do know my disco pretty well but I have to admit, it's a name I have not come across before, apart from the Sesame Street 12 inch (had you not made the connection I doubt I would have realised as like many people it's the Larry Levan mix I gave my attention to).

I just checked and he is mentioned in passing in the wonderful Tim Lawrence book "Love Saves The Day" but all it really refers to is his stint at The Garage - I am definitely going to make sure I discover more about him as the mixes you have shared clearly show what a talent he was.

ExpatMichael said...

It won't be easy to find much. He died in the prime of his career at quite a young age.

Anonymous said...