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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Running Information Society mid 80's perfection

Minneapolis band Information Society first release in 1983 the Insoc. ep is purely new wave but flopped.  It's not really anything to write home about and sounds like a lot of the new wave of that period.  But not many can claim to have a lyric as stupid as "I believe that Exxon saved my soul."

Then the next year they struck pay dirt.  Running is undisputedly one of the 5 most important records of the 80's.  First release on the tiny Minneapolis label Wide Angle it was later picked up by Tommy Boy where it was revamped and it became the quintessential sound of ELECTRO and a perfect example of early latin freestyle.  Though they were not latin and not from Miami or New York, go figure.

The Tommy Boy versions featured freestyle royalty, The Latin Rascals, Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran on the edits (it was all about the edits).  And it was one of Little "Louie" Vega's earliest remixes along with Joey Gardner.

Honestly it's almost difficult for me to write about this record.  I feel so emotionally attached to it.  It features all the qualities that I adore about top-notch freestyle from the yearning vocals to the melancholy vibe to the highly danceable electronic perfection.  Oh the breaks!

I know that they had more pop success and even dance chart success with later hits (even hitting #3 pop and #1 dance in 1988 with What's on Your Mind) but for me this band peaked and and made it's mark with Running.  The only song of theirs that's an absolute must.

In 2001 a new version took them to #2 on the dance charts, as did a new version of What's on Your Mind took them up to #4.

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