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Friday, November 14, 2014

MA QUALE IDEA by Pompeii's own Pino D'Angio

Surely one of Italy's first rap records all set to the beat of Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now from 1980.  Pino D'angio was born in Pompeii and his real name is Giuseppe Chierchia.  QUALE ZIP


Jerry said...

Hi Michael,

I have something interesting to send you. You as an Italo fan will love it.

I can't find you email address, so maybe you can send me an email or contact me via Facebook.

My email is: jerry [at] groovecollection [dot] nl

Jerry van Schie

ExpatMichael said...

Thanks Jerry it's

martijn13 said...

Of all the tens of thousands of italo tracks I have listened to, this record that made it to nr 2 spot in the Dutch top 40 in Holland in 1981 remains one of the very very best!

Michael Vinyl said...

It's fun alright.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, great blog. Any chance of uploading the instrumental of this? Thanks! G_D