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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ish is responsible for Fascinated and so many other dance jewels

Company B's break-out debut single Fascinated was originally released in 1986 on an obscure Miami label called The Summer.  It broke big and seemed to capture an era of the freestyle girl group.  By 1987 it had climbed to #21 on the U.S. pop chart and #1 on the dance chart and Company B and their campy blonde wigs were recognized by everyone.

Foxy's Ish Ledesma produced the track and even included his sister in the original line-up.  Original line-up:  Charlotte McKinnonLori Ledesma and Susan Johnson.  
Charlotte McKinnon was replaced by Lezlee Livrano before their debut album was released. 

Though quite a commercial sound apparently even Larry Levan of The Paradise Garage adored this record.  It has been said that at times he'd mix in and out of it for over an hour!


My fascinated zip includes the really cool ultimix before it's time mash-up of Fascinated with L'il Louis French Kiss which was done in the mid 90's.  It also includes Disconet, Remix, Dubs and more.


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