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Friday, November 21, 2014

I.C. Love Affair Gaz Nevada Gaznevada Italo Disco pinnacle

Italian Synth-Pop legends of the early 80's from Bologna.  The Gaz Nevada Line-up was: Billy Blade (sax, keyboards, vocals), Andrew Nevada (vocals, electronics), Chainsaw Sally (bass), E. Robert Squibb(guitar) and Bat Matic (drums).  Actually their first l.p. in 1979 was full-stop new wave as was their second in 1980.  They are both collectible and pretty hard to find.  I've never even heard them.  It was actually with their third l.p. that they went minimal synth/italo disco and started to make some money.  


Released in late '82 and making it's impact in 1983 I.C. Love Affair was the 5th Gaznevada single and it remains the most well known.  It's perfect.  It has every element you could ever want from an italo disco track.  There have been tons of edits done of it too.  I've included a recent one in the zip.

Why do they keep repeating 77?  Is it some kind of code for spies?  Also to note I've seen the name of the band spelled as one word and at times as two.  Consistency was never one of the more important aspects of Italo Disco.

The follow-up single Private Agent Man was also quite enjoyable but not as downright infectious as I.C. Love Affair.  Original member Ciro Pagano formed the techno dance band Datura.

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