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Thursday, May 31, 2018

COMPUTERIZED LOVED by TANGO and you don't pronounce the ED at the end of words that way...O.K.!!!!

Refreshed Zip

One of my pet peeves as an ESL teacher in Rome is to get students out of the habit of mispronouncing words that end in ED.  Clearly TANGO was not one of my students.  But then again part of the charm to Italo Disco for me is the way many of the artists mangle the English language.  That's probably one of the main reasons why so many of these highly danceable and fun songs remained incredibly obscure in the states.


This release from 1985 has a lot of the qualities that I enjoy in an italo disco tune.  From vocoders and sound effects to a super catchy melody and fun off kilter lyrics.  Stargo is a great italo label.  They don't have many releases but the few I know I enjoy  a lot like Live is Life by Stargo but they are after all just a subsidiary of the italo disco giant Disco Magic records.  The vocalist Roberto Zanetti also sang my beloved Capsicum (another Stargo release) and he wrote the fabulous Don't Cry Tonight by Savage, and in fact most of the other Savage hits as he was a member of that band in addition to using several other aliases.

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