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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

State of the Nation Industry


Formed in 1978 in New York as the Industrial Complex this band released a few obscure records.  Then somehow in 1984 the super catchy single State of the Nation became a massive hit in Europe hitting #1 in Italy and #10 in Sweden.  In fact in Italy it was the 10th best selling single of the year.

By this point they dropped the name down to Industry, not to be confused with the house act that had a huge dance record with "Release Me" in the early 90's.

They were unable to follow it up but State of the Nation is one perfect slice of Synth Pop that will always remain close to my heart.  Apparently it was a morning music classic at The Saint.  Kudos to one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Dance of the Clones for reminding me how much I love this record and making me think this fits right in with the theme of Disco Vinyl.  We don't only do Italo Disco here, but we do like to give you an Italian perspective in any case.

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