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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are Sugarmen really shy? Who in the hell are Jack's Project? Can a German record be Italo Disco?

Jack's Project had three maxi single efforts in the mid 80's.  The last of which was called Shy Shy Sugarman.  Released in 1986 this German Ariola Records twelve inch is not particularly well known but undoubtably has the kind of sound that fits in very well with the Disco Vinyl blog feeling.
versions of Sugarman here

I thank my dear Scottish friend Brian for calling it to my attention or it would have remained in that abyss of unknown Synth Pop, Italo style songs which have passed me by.  I'd be the first to admit there were many because during the height of the italo disco era I was at university and listening to a lot of alternative music.  I developed my passion for italo disco during my visits to Italy in those years and in my nights at the Roman discos.  Most of those were in 1983 but there were more visits in 1984, 1985 and 1986 until I had a pretty long break and then moved to Rome.  The D.C. clubs I went to in my university years played more Hi NRG then I would have liked, but a few Euro sounding records to break through.

Jack's Project also did a cover of the Hi NRG classic Wake up by Stop which had been released the year before.  An insanely infectious ditty in any version!

 But clearly by the time I moved to Rome it had been taken over by house music and the more Euro sounding dance sounds which owed nothing to Italo Disco and never hit me with the same passion.  Hence I have dedicated my blog to earlier dance music which tickles my fancy more then what I was dancing to during my peak of clubbing in the early 90's.

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