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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Now I know the readers of this blog are not used to this kind of post.  But my tastes vary in a big way.  Believe it or not One More Shot is one of my absolute favorite songs of the 80's.  I'm a big fan of John Robie's work and find that if he's associated to a project 9 times out of 10 I love it.
The incomparable Jenny Burton
Jenny Burton's voice is fantastic.  She is perfectly accompanied by those frantic beats.
ONE MORE ZIP But for the completist why not include the hip hop version by MC Connection which also features the electro magic instrumental on Side B.
Matthew Drudge turned me on to John Robie.  Robie was his idol back in the 80's when we were in our early 20's on the scene around Dupont Circle in D.C. and well before Matthew became such a Libertarian wing-nut.  
Would you believe I hadn't even seen this before I wrote this blog....A DRUDGE TWEET 


Chris Hodgson said...

I really enjoy your blog and this post especially. Always LOVED this song also. And I won't hold knowing Matt against you. Lol!

ExpatMichael said...

Why thank you much. Do visit often and do click on the ads. I actually miss Matthew a lot. We re-kindled our friendship about 16 years ago right before I moved to Italy. He was a lot of fun. We liked driving down to Laguna Beach together. He was starting to get a bit paranoid though. He was convinced he was being followed. Perhaps he was. After all he was messing with The Clintons and they are powerful to say the least.