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Friday, September 20, 2013

Have a Scotch an italo disco group that charted much better outside of Italy in the 80's

What I love about Scotch is that they are so damn campy!  They seem to get a real kick out themselves and I in turn do too in a big way.  I mean what does that even mean "baby you're my really disco band?"  ENJOY MY ZIP WITH SCOTCH IN IT

The group was created by Manlio Cangelli (composer, keyboard and drum machine programming), then were added Vince Lancini (vocals) and Fabio Margutti keyboards, joined by Franz Rome (keyboards, programming) for the second album Pictures Of Old Days.
Scotch are actually an Italian group but they seem like a duo who had a string of hits through the 80's including Disco Band and Penguin's Invasion.

Their 1984 hit Mirage was particular in that the chorus is actually sung in Italian. Quite rare for an Italo Disco record. A few years ago it was featured in a cell phone ad in Italy and got major airplay all over again. It's definitely one of those happy-go-lucky sip a pina colada while getting a sun tan on the sea shore kinda songs. 

Here in the zip I've included possibly their most famous song Disco Band which start with that campy Cough, two versions of Delirio Mind and a cut from 1987 called Loving is Easy.

Pop Success of Scotch in Europe:
  • Disco Band [#28 Italy, #3 Germany, #20 Sweden, #4 Switzerland, #4 Portugal]
  • Delirio Mind [#6 Germany, #5 Sweden, #19 Switzerland]
  • Take Me Up [#19 Germany; # 11 Portugal]
  • Mirage [#19 Italy, #56 Germany, #2 Sweden]
  • Money Runner [#12 Sweden]
  • Pictures' [#16 Sweden]
Clearly they were appreciated more in Scandinavia then in Italy.

TitleAlbumCountryPeak position Weeks on chart
"Mirage"Best OfSweden2 5
"Disco Band"EvolutionSwitzerland4 15
"Delirio Mind"Best OfSweden5 5
"Take Me Up"EvolutionFrance10 19
"Money Runner"Best OfNorway10 1

Kylie Minogue's international hit "Got to be Certain" was largely influenced by "Take Me Up".

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