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Friday, February 19, 2016


Refreshed link by request

Marilyn and Boy George came up out of the London club scenes.  They were stars at the early 80's clubs Blitz and Taboo.  In fact there was even a 90's Broadway show about Leigh Bowery based in part upon that period.  Marilyn was always the prettier one but Boy had the drive and the more soulful voice.  We all know who became the huge star.
Later on Marilyn hit it for a moment just after Boy George and Culture Club but she was somehow just too shocking.  Much more drag queen then "androgynous" like Boy.  So she became basically a one hit wonder.
I absolutely adored a few of her songs.  This re-issued cd is handy because it includes some of the 12" versions that were not on the original l.p.
I was following her on Twitter and we wrote a few times but I got so sick of some of the stupid videos she was posting constantly that I couldn't bear to see her in my timeline anymore.
She does seem to be sober now.  She was after all the one who enticed Boy to become a junkie.  She'd been on the horse for a while by then.  That was one heavy period for Boy.  Tons of bad press and someone dying in his apartment.  Then he came back with that massive reggae tinged version of Bread's Everything I Own.  He certainly was never thinner then he was in 1987!
Marilyn has never hit the charts again.


antstorm said...

can i just squeal like a big girl right now for finding this , thank you for posting :)

ExpatMichael said...

I greatly approve of your squealing like a little girl.

daringrod said...

Michael Vinyl: Thank you for the refreshed link. Yet another lost album has been returned to my library!

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly!

Though I think there's the track "Give it up" missing...