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Monday, February 22, 2016

Breaker's Revenge

It wasn't only Italo Disco for me.  Though you know I like to keep that the spice for my blog.  But I also loved freestyle and Electro very much.  But in a way I felt more like a visitor feeling something and liking it but it not necessarily coming from inside me.  I am after all Italian and not black or latino.  On top I grew up in suburban Connecticut I surely was not street in any way.

These are the images from the Italian import of the classic Arthur Baker tune Breaker's Revenge.  But they are the same as you'd find on the U.S. version with those incredible edits by Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera (The Latin Rascals), load vocals by Galvin Christopher and all those wonderful Arthur Baker touches.  Though this song was on the Beat Street Soundtrack it surely transcended anything that film gave.  I  love this piece of the film where the Rock Steady Crew breakdance to it.

Even though The System, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Jenny Burton, Africa Bambaataa etc. were on this soundtrack there really weren't any hits.  But it did get play in clubs like The Funhouse and The Roxy.

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