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Saturday, November 8, 2014


British singer Tracy Spencer had a few Italo Disco hits in the 80's.  First in the duo Marx and Spencer along with David Marx and later as a solo artist.

Interestingly the first two maxi singles by Marx & Spencer were remakes.  The first in 1983 Stay which has been covered by everyone and their cousin followed by the Genesis gem Follow You, Follow Me the following year.   A STAY ZIP

Stay with it's perfect mix of cheese and italo disco brilliance became a favorite by the DeeJay's at WBMX in Chicago and was played in mix shows throughout the 80's.

Tracy went on to have a couple massive pop hits in Italy including the fun Run to Me in 1985.  RUN TO ME ZIP

Keep an eye on this space I might update it with the Follow You, Follow Me maxi single.  And here it  is CAMPY GENESIS OMG it doesn't disappoint.  Talk about cheesy it sounds like a 3 year old is playing the keyboards, and Tracy's vocals not only sound like a chipmunk but it seems like she's faking a bad accent to accompany David Marx who clearly is using an alias.  So bad it's good.  It just happens to be my favorite Genesis song to boot.

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